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Maxtell Solutions is one of the industry pioneers and a global leader in the visual communication market in Rajasthan. Our audio visual integrated systems and displays make bright ideas brilliant everywhere, where people gather to communicate and be entertained -- in meetings, presentations, classrooms, and living rooms around the world. Maxtell is a premium systems integrator of end-to-end communications systems all over Rajasthan. Maxtell provides integrated custom and pre-configured solutions that scale to meet the needs of each client and each project. Maxtell designs, engineers, builds, deploys, and services systems that allow our clients to communicate globally, faster and more affordably, and with greater impact than ever before. Backed by more than 10 years of experience and innovation, Maxtell’s audio visual and broadcast systems integrators focus on building professional solutions for business, commercial, educational and government clients. Maxtell provides integrated multimedia tools our customers need to engage in meetings that

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