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7Audio and Video Conferencing Systems is a combined and effective use of office phone, mobile phone, fax, Internet, voicemail and productivity applications such as calendars, conference and meeting clients, e-mail and messaging.
Why Choose Audio and Video Conferencing?
• Enable dispersed teams to work together quickly and more efficiently and remotely
• Reduce travel costs.
• Improve use of executive's time.
• Speed up decision-making.
• Keep meetings brief and more focused than face-to-face meetings.
• Enable top management to quickly and effectively communicate with employees sitting in multiple locations.
• Allow virtual project management via video and data conferencing with geographically dispersed peer groups at short notice.
• Provide an effective way of delivering cost-efficient training to individuals without the requirement to consistently travel to central locations.
• Create a medium for conducting interviews.
Maxtell offers a rich plethora of features and services all over Rajasthan with rich audio and video conferencing solutions.
Maxtell’s personal conferencing products have become popular with large and small enterprises alike, all over Rajasthan. Speakerphones and headset products provide unmatched audio and video clarity and connect to a wide variety of devices for conferencing wherever and whenever you want. Maxtell provides complete room audio and video conferencing solutions, compatible with PCs or laptops running a variety of unified communications software.
Maxtell’s long and close association with leading brands in audio and video conferencing systems are widely appreciated by all its clients all over Rajasthan. Maxtell is known in the industry for meeting its clients’ requirement for all type of audio and video conferencing systems within a stipulated time frame.
Maxtell offers its customers one of the best brands in audio conferencing solutions- products by Bosch and Polycom. It offers video conferencing systems of brands such as Polycom and Sony.
Audio Conferences CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System by Bosch
The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System offers new design features and extra functions, including a patent-pending “Possible-To-Speak” indication. Designed and developed by Bosch experts in Europe, the system makes it easy to manage meetings and lets users record the proceedings digitally, via MP3.
Audio Conferencing Systems by Polycom
Polycom installed audio solutions deliver high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room. Enjoy exceptional audio quality in standard-size conference rooms and boardrooms, in the largest training centers, and in classrooms of all sizes.
SoundStructure C-Series
Designed to deliver superb audio for voice and video conferencing environments of nearly any size
SoundStructure SR-12
Designed to assist in rooms needing sound reinforcement
Vortex Series
Experience legendary voice clarity in rooms of any size with the Polycom Vortex line of solutions