Sound systems – maxtell
4Maxtell offers you a large range of sound solutions and systems across all the best and major brands for all your audio needs. Maxtell provides its customers a wide range of audio systems, including Hi-Fi systems and components, headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated audio systems.
Maxtell caters to both personal audio and professional audio requirements all over Rajasthan. In the range of personal audio systems, Audiophiles need look no further than Maxtell’s largest range of high-power sound systems that can fill your whole room with high quality stereo sounds, thanks to superb speakers and powerful components.
Personal audio products range from the following:
Headphones Headsets Headphones for TV Microphones
On Ear Headphones
Around the Ear Headphones
Earbuds In-Ear Headphones
Wireless Headphones
Noise / Sound Cancelling Headphones
DJ Headphones / Pro Music
Stereo Mobile Phone Headsets
Sport/Running Headphones Sennheiser/Adidas
adidas Originals
Audiophile Headphones
Accessories Mobile Cell phone Headsets
Office Call Center Headsets
USB /PC /VOIP Headsets
Gaming Headsets
Accessories Wireless TV Headphones
Wired TV Headphones
Accessories Wired Microphones
Instrument Microphones
Vocal Microphones
Wireless Microphones

Professional products range from the following:
Integrated Systems

On Ear Headphones
Around Ear Headphones
Earbuds / In ear Headphones
Sport / Running Headphones
Wireless Home Entertainment
TV / Assistive Listening
Noise / Sound Canceling
DJ / Studio Headphones
Audiophile Headphones
Audiology Headphones
Wireless / Bluetooth Headsets
Mobile / Cell Phone Headsets
USB / PC / VOIP Headsets
Office Headsets
Wireless Office Headsets
Gaming Headsets
Bluetooth Mobile Headsets
Broadcast Headsets
Aviation / Pilot Headsets
Wireless Microphones
Vocal Microphones
Studio Recording Microphones
Lavalier Microphones
Instrument Microphones
Headworn Microphones
Camera / ENG Microphones
Podium / Boundary Mic
Special Application Mics
Microphone Preamplifiers
Microphone Accessories
Conference Systems
Infra-red Systems
Tour Guide Systems
Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems Speakers

Maxtell offers audio systems of brands like Bosch, JBL, Crown, QSC, StudioMaster, ElectroVoice and Yamaha. Brands for Microphones include Shure, Senheiser and AKG.